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Future of

Supply Chain

Cloud-based operating system to enhance commerce experience by connecting "players" and upgrading "services" fueled by advanced data technologies and AI


Our Members

How ViaLink transform B2B commerce

Get rid of inefficiencies

ViaLink helps eliminate manual processes that are time-consuming and costly in exchange for streamlined, automated, and error-free supply chain solutions. Members also benefit from a network of operators and suppliers that allows businesses to use resources effectively to receive better service along the chain.

Introducing ViaLink Command

Logistics Matching with Advanced Transport Technology Stack

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Command for Shippers

Service at optimal price

"Command" intelligently matches logistics supply with demand through AI for optimal cost efficiency by utilizing back-hauling and shipment consolidation

Command for Carriers

Unlock more opportunities

Monetize on spare capacity and offer logistics service to new customers within ViaLink's network of businesses
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Command for All

Upgrade operation & service capability

Shippers and Carriers can expect lowered operating costs — meaning higher profitability — from our advanced analytics and tech modules that are designed to optimize planning, automate processes, and improve visibility from start to finish

More Than Just Logistics

360° Supply Chain Technologies

 ViaLink strives to build comprehensive end-to-end services across all essential functions in B2B commerce, in addition to ViaLink: Command


Invoicing & Payment

Digitize account payable process and go paperless


Procurement & purchasing

Transform B2B purchasing for your staff into familiar B2C platform




Facilitate early payment and credit for all parties





Next-gen B2B insurance products offering maximum values tailored to needs

We are hiring

We are looking for passionate and skillful individuals to join our team

Frontend Developer

Ability to translate user and business needs into functional frontend design for both web and mobile application

Backend Developer

Responsible for developing, troubleshooting and improving back-end processes for logistics and supply chain application.

Quality Assurance

Lead testing and troubleshooting software product to ensure highest performance and reliability