AI Copilot
for Commerce

Guiding businesses through supply chain challenges with the power of Generative AI

Boost workforce productivity, instantly
Enhance decision-making with analytics dashboard 
Improve operation KPIs with centralized command

Unleash the capabilities of AI agents in no time

Step 1: Source the material

Data Agents  

Using XLS file uploads or APIs, AI agents swiftly and accurately integrate, extract, clean, and structure data into usable formats

Step 2: Prepare the ingredients

Analyst Agents

AI agents process datasets and prepare components for cross-functional analysis

Step 3: execute the recipe

Business Intelligence Agents

Utilize templates to compile analytics outputs

Set up alerts for opertions without coding

Customize dashboard with user-friendly data visualization tool

Why choose ViaLink's Copilot?

Centralized Data Command Center

Efficiently manage complex workflows using insights unlocked by integrating data across operations from any enterprise software

Instant Analytics Accelerate Decision-Making

AI transforms ideas into actions, generating insights from analyses within seconds through simple commands

Customizable "No-code" Alerts for Monitoring

Easily configure alerts for your operations through simple linguistic instructions, enabling your business to operate more autonomously

Hassle-free, Meaningful Analytics in Less Time 

Stop wasting valuable resources and time on generating analytics, and start leveraging AI agents for faster data integration and analysis with ViaLink Copilot

Use cases of Copilot across supply chain functions

Take control of your merchandise strategy and watch profits soar

Leverage our AI agents to support your day-to-day operations, handling tasks such as demand forecasting, generating sales analytics, and more, enabling you to focus on other critical business needs.

Boost profits through dynamic optimization of production costs

Automate production strategies by optimizing supply chain costs to maximize profitability across different scenarios -- knowing where, when, and how to produce.

Achieve omni-channel objectives at lowest costs

With our intelligent fulfillment module, orchestrating distribution of goods becomes effortless, ensuring that goods are delivered where they need to be using the most cost-effective means

Deliver seamlessly and efficiently

Our industry-leading Transport Management Software streamlines every operation with practical and cost-savings features tailored to meet your business needs.

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